Griffiths Valuation , Parish of Shankill,1863.

Orr tenants, Including sub lets.


Immediate lessors. Address of tenement
Robert Ireland Mary G  Orr Patterson`s Place,  intersects.
George S Orr Anne Anderson Trafalgar St, intersects
John Orr Denis Smith Mary St.
Joseph Orr Mrs Connor Sussex Place, intersects
William Orr J F Ferguson Mill Row
Hugh Orr Charles McDavis Eliza St., intersects
Sarah J Orr James Thompson Welsh St, intersects
John Orr Elizabeth Collins McCauley St, intersects
Sarah Orr In Chancery Bottom terrace.
George S Orr Thomas Gaffkin Apsley Place
Easter Orr Robert Corry Upper Crescent
John Orr Conway Grimshaw Sugar House entry., intersects.
Belfast Banking Co Rev Alexander Orr Skipper St, intersects
Alexander Herald William Orr representatives Church St, intersects
John Orr John Bain Caxton St, intersects
John Orr James Steen Caxton St, intersects
Elizabeth Orr James Kidley Hartley St, intersects
Thomas Orr Robert Bryce Christopher St
Thomas Orr Henry Anderson Eldon Court
Samuel Orr Jonathan Cardukes Agnes St.
Sarah Orr m Charles Cameron, resided from c 1939.
Ellen Orr Hill Hamilton Steam Mill Lane
Joseph Orr Anne Anderson Trafalgar St, intersects
Edward Orr Samuel Patterson North Thomas St, intersects
Jane Orr William Montgomery Nelson St, intersects
John Orr Francis Glenfield Gt George St.
Andrew Orr Anne Moody Magee`s Lane, intersects
Matthew Orr F H Lewis Little Corporation St.
Charles Orr Robert S Lepper Ship St.
Andrew Orr Arthur Boyle Union Place,intersects
Mary Anne Orr Robert King Earl St, intersects
William Orr J W S McCance Ballycullo
William Orr James C Gregg Artillery St, intersects
Joseph Orr George C Hyndman Castle Place.
Mary Ann Orr Mrs Drummond College Square North.
Robert Orr George McKee Peter`s Hill
William Orr David Herd Herd`s Court
Margaret Orr Robert cahoon Bothwells Court
Eliza Orr J Charter & Co Ashmore St, intersects
William Orr James Baxter Ferguson Witton St, intersects.


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