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Over the years I have accumulated quite a bit of `reference` material by way of books, indices of various kinds and fiche. However, it is often the case that we need to know more about a location -  not only the county, but also the parish, the registration district, or in Ireland the Barony, the Poor Law Union; the townland, as well as Chapman Codes and post codes. This page seeks to provide at least some of this miscellaneous information.

When all is said and done, the major reference sites remain   and  who, importantly , maintain the links they give. Moreover, the sites are continuously updated so return trips can be fruitful. Much the same can be said of .

I do not therefore compete with these people to provide links to  each and every site that catches my eye when the possibility is that within six months it has gone again. A favourite of mine is which seem to be able to find just about anything. Give them a try.

It is well worth looking at the Latter Day Saints Library Catalogue available in LDS Family History Centres and on line at . The Catalogue lists in country order, within counties/parishes by subject a wide range of documents, histories, records of every type - not just births, christenings and marriages. If you are going to attempt some serious research it will be worth the while to look and see what is available from Salt Lake City - mostly for only a very modest handling charge. 

Interest Lists on Rootsweb.

Dont forget the discussion lists on . There are thousands of them covering subjects eg the Scotch-Irish List; names eg the Orr-List; or a geographical district, county or state; special interest lists eg Army units, ethnic interests etc. These are a valuable resource and have many knowledgeable researchers subscribing to them, as well as other potential cousins searching for the elusive ancestor in that locality. A word of wisdom - dont be greedy and subscribe to too many lists at one time - some are very busy and you could be swamped by e mail. You can always come back to a list and it is possible to search the Lists` archives - another way to find out if your special issues have been mentioned.

For an index to the more than 30,000 RootsWeb-hosted genealogy
mailing lists and easy subscribing options, please visit the site and make sure you use the Search Archives feature for past exchanges on your interest. 

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British Isles IGI Batch numbers.
Hugh Wallis, of Ontario, Canada, formerly of Surrey, UK, has provided a way to search all the batches for a particular British Isles
geographic location using just the surname being searched.

Baronies of Ulster

Books of interest, further reading.

Bibliographies: Scottish Presbyterians. Irish Presbyterians.

Counties and Parishes of the Province of Ulster

English Origins site.

Flax Growers List 1796

Public Records Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI)
    There are an increasing number of on line databases at PRONI including the Ulster Covenant ( thousands signed it in 1912); the lists of Freemen of some towns; some of the Registers and Poll Books from the 18c.

General Register Office Scotland

Glossary of some common terms in Ireland.

Kings, Queens, and major battles of England

Old Scottish money.

Old Weights and measures for produce.

Orr database.

Poor Law Unions in Ireland

Scottish Parishes of Ayrshire, Dumfriesshire, Kirkcudbrightshire, Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, Wigtownshire.

Scottish Naming Conventions 

Scottish words and terms

Surnames of persons who married an Orr - refers to the Ulster Pedigree.

UK Main Postcodes

Useful on - line links.

Weights and Measures 

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