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Overview of the ORR Name Study

Origins of the Orrs 
  Clan Campbell connection
  Origin of the Campell name
  Campbeltown and Kintyre
  Campbell of Glen Orchy.
  The Land of Urr in Kirkcudbrightshire 
Urr in the twelfth century
The ancient Motte of Urr
Galloway in the 17C.
  Orrs of Lochwinnoch
A local residents view
Some statistics about Lochwinnoch
Orr farmers in Lochwinnoch
Orr tenants 1818
Property holders 1818
Population of Renfrew 1818
The 1881 Census
Where the Orrs were in the 1881 Census.
Orrs resident in Lochwinnoch Parish 1881
Orrs resident in Kilbarchan Parish 1881
Orrs resident in Kilbirnie Parish 1881
Orrs resident in Beith Parish (Ayr) 1881
Orrs resident in Dumfries and Kirkcudbright 1881
Orrs resident in Wigtownshire 1881 Census
17century internments of Orrs Greyfriars Kirk Yard, Edinburgh
  Orr in Ireland
Griffiths Valuation
  Orr in Comber Parish
Irish wills index.
  Flax growers Index 1796
  Crests and arms  
DNA Testing
Orr DNA - Possible common ancestors
Early Orr marriages and the Ulster Pedigree.
Orr of Castleaverry.
Specific DNA comparisons.
  Orr DNA Profile
  The Viking connection.
Orr articles
  A One Name Study
  From Irish martyr to founder of a US town  
  The Orrs at War
Orr family files
  Claims to Fame
  William Orr of Farranshane, Co. Antrim
  Mary McCracken`s letter 27 Sep 1797
  The Wake of William Orr - Drennan
  Mary Allan`s letter about Samuel Redmond Orr
The Ulster Pedigrees (Orr) James Orr & Janet McClement.
  Smith Orr of Orrville, Ohio
  Hugh Orr of Lochwinnoch and Massachusetts.
  William Orr of Lochwinnoch - 10 Bonnet Lairds.
Distribution of the Orr name 
  United Kingdom
  Australia and New Zealand
Migration and emigration
  A historical snapshot
  Economic and social migration
  Orr "Famine" emigrants.
  Scotland to Ireland
  From Ulster
  From Scotland
  Migration to America (USA)
  West Indies
Some terms used in Ulster
Scottish words and terms
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