Extract of Orr from the Super Index of Irish Wills

Super index : a compilation of available Irish will indexes 1270-1860  compiled by Gloria Bangerter ; edited and alphabetized by surname by Jeanne Jensen & Joyce Parsons. Also on microfilm. Salt Lake City : Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 2001. on 2 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.
Vols. 1-3. -  VAULT BRITISH Film [ 1145963 Items 11 - 13 ]
Vols. 4-8. -  VAULT BRITISH Film [ 1145964 ]
Vols. 9-11. -  VAULT BRITISH Film [ 1145965 Items 1 - 3 ]

NOTE: The information in the table below serves as a Census substitute and only indicates that a person of that name died on or around the date shown. Be warned that the location / parish details have variable spelling and occasionally are townland names that appear in different Counties eg  Carr, Corr and Curr are in Co Tyrone.

There are Parish Maps and schedules of townlands at  the Ulster Historical Foundation / Ulster Genealogical and Historical Guild site at  www.ancestryireland.com

Please do not raise your hopes that there is a a document with all the family details on it. Most of these entries were probably `one liners` leaving all (and very little at that) to wife and eldest son. In many cases it was simply registering a death to protect the lease or tenancy of a son (tenancies were often given for two or three life times ). Regrettably, virtually all the original Deeds and Wills of the Irish Prerogative and Consistorial Courts perished in the fire at the Royal Courts in 1922. There were some extracts made before then, such as Betham`s Index (FHL British Film  100113 Items 1-2), and the determined will hunter should look at the LDS Library Catalog under Probate for what may be available. Otherwise it is a trip to Dublin and / or Belfast, or hire a professional researcher to clutch at your straw.

Prior to 1857 wills were proved in the Consistorial Court of the Bishop or Ordinary of the diocese in which a person dwelt. But if there were effects valued at 5  in two or more dioceses the will had to be proved in the Prerogative Court of the Archbishop of Armagh, Primate of All Ireland. The latter was the supreme court in matters where there was ecclesiastical jurisdiction. The jurisdiction of the Church Courts was abolished and transferred to the Probate Court in 1857.

Separate to the Church Courts, since 25 March 1708 there has been a Registry of Deeds in Ireland. Transcripts of wills and other devises or deeds including mortgages, conveyances, marriage settlements, rents, rights of way, and  partnerships. These are recorded in shortened version and bound into large books that may be inspected at the Registry. The original memorials are stored separately in a fire proof vault. The Registry of Deeds has a vast amount of material besides wills, that can be of assistance to the researcher. Have a look at  what  PRONI has to say at its web site under records/deeds.

Surname  Aka Chr Name Year  Type  Parish / County Diocese/Court.
Abbrv.  W = will proved.  AB = Administration Bond.
ORR   Agnes 1820  Drumbo Down
    Alexander 1773 W   Prerogative
    Alexander 1811 Belfast  Prerogative
    Alexander 1739  W Belfast  Prerogative
    Alexander 1766  Belfast Connor
    Alexander 1842 Belfast Connor
    Alexander   1766 Ballymoney Connor
    Alexander  1825 W   Broad Island Connor
    Alexander 1826 AB Ballykeel Connor
    Alexander 1837  W Comber Down
    Alexander 1813  W Clontinacally Down
    Alexander  1821  AB Tullyhubbert  Down
    Alexander  1854    Derry
    Alexander 1801  AB Rahan  Raphoe
    Andrew 1806  Loughanisland  Down
    Andrew 1840  Ballymartin Down
    Anne 1841  Kilclieff  Down
    Anne 1843  New Street Dublin
    Arthur 1753  AB  Collesker Armagh
    Arthur 1800  Callesker Armagh
    Arthur 1760 Cooney, Fermanagh Clogher 
    Arthur 1809  Comber Down
    Charles  1805  W Lisnafeffry,Down Prerogative
    Charles 1831 W Killagan Connor
    Charles  1788  AB Lisnafifey  Dromore
    Charles   1788  Lisnafifey  Dromore
    Daniel 1822    Armagh
    Daniel  1730 Ballymoney Connor
    Daniel 1766  W Menlagh Down
    Daniel  1807 W Holywood  Down
    David  1851 W Belfast Connor
    David  1841 W Munlough Down
    David  1856 Ballymiscaw  Down
    David  1807  Saintfield Down
    David 1805 Comber Down
    David 1716  Ballykeel  Down
    Deborah 1726 O   Dublin
    Edward   1855  Templecorran Connor
    Elizabeth 1775 C Curr, Tyrone Armagh
    Elizabeth  1713 Killinether  Down
   McGaresh Elizabeth 1749 Bellyallely  Down
    Elizabeth 1816  W Killinchy  Down
    Elizabeth 1805 Newtownards Down
    Francis  1797 Kilstroll/Ardstraw Derry
    Gawin  1771 AB   Raphoe
    George  1831 AB Ballyon Lib. of Derry Derry
    George 1760  Ballynascreen Derry
    Hugh 1807 W Newtownards Down
    Hugh  1851 Grand Canal Harbour Dublin
    Hugh 1770 W Gobnescale Templemore Derry
    Jackson 1851    Down
    James 1808 Gorton, Derry Prerogative
    James 1842 AB Annarea  Armagh
    James 1842  Annarea Armagh
    James  1806 W Loughgall Armagh
    James 1823 W Loughgeele Connor
    James 1819 W Crumlin Connor
    James  1808  Ross Connor
    James  1800 W Broadisland  Connor
    James  1797  Cravery Parish,Antrim Connor
    James 1853 W Ballybeen Down
    James 1820 Comber Down
    James 1828 Comber Down
    James  1832 W Munlough Down
    James 1838 W Ballykeel Down
    James 1842  W Munlough Down
    James 1846 Kirkcubbin Down
    James 1734  C Castle Avery  Down
    James 1728 W Munlagh / Munlough Down
    James  1852 W Lismastrain  Down
    James 1817 Comber Down
    James 1812 Kirkcubbin Down
    James 1803 W Killinchy  Down
    James  1802 W Granshough Down
    James 1798 Comber Down
    James 1788 W Ballykeel Down
    James 1784  W Lisleen Down
    James 1742 AB Cumber Down
    James 1737 AB  Newtown Down
    James 1758  AB Ballybeen Down
    James 1813 AB Kirkcubbin Down
    James 1750 Ballygoun Down
    James 1761 W Ballylesson Down
    James 1773 W Lisnasallagh Down
    James 1776 W Moyesset, Derry Derry
    James 1709  AB   Letterkenny Raphoe
    Jane 1740 W Ralloo Connor
  Walker Jane 1740   Down
    Jane 1791    Down
   Brison Jane 1826 W Saint Andrews Down
    Jane  1801  AB   Derry
    Janet  1755 W Bellygown/ Ballygowan Down
    John 1771 W Killyncather, Down Down
    John  1780 W Ballybritain, Derry Prerogative
    John 1807  Magherafelt, Derry Prerogative
     John 1699  W Letterkenny Prerogative
    John   1801 AB  Ballyeglish Armagh
    John 1831  AB Armagh  Armagh
    John  1815 W Mullantine Armagh
    John  1831 W Armagh Armagh
    John  1832 W Ballymagerney  Armagh
    John 1801 W Ballynick Armagh
    John 1787 AB Tattenclave Clogher
    John 1856 W Ballintoy Connor
    John 1853 W Derryaghy Connor
    John 1729  W Belfast  Connor
    John  1742  W   Coleraine Connor
    John 1770  W Coleraine Connor
    John  1777  Connor Connor 
    John  1787 W Portrush Connor
    John 1795 Cavehill  Connor
    John 1802 W Greencastle Connor
    John 1822  Raloo Connor
    John 1851 Derryaghy Connor
    John 1802  W  Saintfield Down
    John 1802 Cunningburn Down
    John 1803 Comber Down
    John 1805 W Donaghadee Down
    John  1809 Ballyaloly Down
    John  1810 W Comber Down
    John  1812 W Drumbo Down
    John 1823  W Drumbo Down
    John 1832 W Moneyrea  Down
    John 1837 W Ballywilliam  Down
    John 1839 Ballykeel  Down
    John 1840 Clontinacally Down
    John 1842 W Granshaw Down
    John 1847 W Ballyaugherty Down
    John 1742 W Ballyrolly Down
    John  1722 Clintincally Down
    John 1801  W Saintfield  Down
    John 1789 AB   Portaferry  Down
    John  1803 AB Cumber Down
    John 1806 AB Knockbreda Down
    John 1758 W Ballytriel Down
    John 1765  Clantenacally Down
    John 1773 W Ballykeel  Down
    John 1797 W Comber Down
    John 1800  W Lisleen Down
    John  1852 AB Kernon Tullylish Dromore
    John 1852 W Kernon Tullylish  Dromore
    John 1742  A Dublin Dublin
    John  1777  AB Glenherdeal  Derry
    John  1804 AB  Gortniskeig  Derry
    John 1826 AB  Ballagan Desertoghill Derry
    John 1804 AB Gortin Derry
    John 1844 Eden/Tamlaghtocrilly   Derry
    John 1786  Glencordial/Cappagh  Derry
    John 1779 W Strabane   Derry
    John  1826 Ballyagin/Desertoghill Derry
    John  1751 W Killybracj/ Cappagh  Derry
    John  1767 W New Ross Ferns
    John 1773 W Ballymartin, Down New Mourne
    John 1806 W Ballymartin New Mourne
    John 1818 W Turlagshill  New Mourne
    John  1728 AB   Raphoe
    John 1773 AB  Raphoe  Raphoe
    Joseph 1807 W Ballymagerney Armagh
    Joseph 1839 Carrickpoland, Ferm Clogher
    Joseph  1825 W Connor Connor
    Joseph 1848 AB Lisnamallard Cappagh Derry
  Coultert Margaret 1721 W Balleykill Down
    Mary Ann 1746  Glenavy Connor
    Mary  1851 W Inishannon Cork & Ross
    Mary  1847 Kircubbin Down
    Mary Ann 1800  W Comber Down
  Leathem Mary 1821 Cumber Down
    Mary 1803 W Newtownards  Down
  Risk  Mary  1810 W   Dromore
    Matthew  1800  AB Killybrack Cappagh Derry
    Matthew  1807  W Saul Down
    Matthew 1800 W Killybrack/Cappagh Derry
    Matthew 1815  AB  Moness Raphoe
    Nancy 1853 Kirkinriola Connor
    Nathaniel 1831 W Kilbride Connor
    Patrick 1783 AB Dunmisk Parish Armagh
    Patrick 1734 W Dunaghy Connor
    Patrick 1824 Drumhirk Down
    Peter  1744 W Dunluce Connor
    Peter  1762 AB  Kirkcubbin  Down
    Porter 1855 AB Kirkcubbin Down
    Rebecca 1811 W Harborne  Prerogative
    Rebecca 1762  AB Late of Curr  Armagh
    Richard 1563 Clontarf  Dublin
    Robert  1765  AB Carragh Loughgall  Armagh
    Robert  1846 AB Annarea  Armagh
    Robert 1846 Annarea Armagh
    Robert 1765  W Corragh  Armagh
    Robert  1839  W Sionee,Tyrone Clogher
    Robert  1772  Drumin Clogher
    Robert  1773  AB  Drumin Clogher
    Robert 1856 Derryaghy Connor
    Robert 1768  W Lambeg Connor
    Robert 1836 W Belfast  Connor
    Robert 1740 AB Cumber Down
    Robert 1813  AB Kirkcubbin Down
    Robert 1836 AB Ballyhalbert  Down
    Robert 1821 W   Down
    Robert 1812 W Kircubbin  Down
    Robert 1780 W Portgribb Down
    Robert  1808 W Torbuoy, Log. Ardagh
    Robert  1794 W Killybrack Cappagh Derry
    Robert  1706 W Miniranoll (Moneyrannel) Derry
    Robert  1760  W Bellior Clondermott  Derry
    Robert  1798 W Lisdoogan, Sligo Kil/Achn
    Samuel 1831  AB Aney Armagh
    Samuel 1815 W Drumnassoo Armagh
    Samuel  1831 Gorteclar Armagh
    Samuel  1760 W Curr Armagh
    Samuel 1824 Antrim Connor
    Samuel  1733  W Killead Connor
    Samuel 1765   Connor
    Samuel 1768 W Ballynure Connor
    Samuel  1796  W Kilbegs Connor
    Samuel 1814  W Antrim  Connor
    Samuel 1849 AB Levalleyreagh Dromore
    Samuel 1849  W Levalleyreagh Dromore
    Samuel  1750 W Shannamugh / Ardstraw  Derry
    Sarah 1843   Cork/Ross
    Sarah 1828  W Strabane Derry
    Thomas 1839  AB Ballynick  Armagh
    Thomas 1839 W Ballynick Armagh
    Thomas 1813 Belfast  Connor
    Thomas 1813 W Ballygowan Down
    Thomas  1806 W Saintfield  Down
    Thomas 1847 W Clontinacally Down
    Thomas 1819  W Drumbo Down
    Thomas  ND AB Ballyculla Down
    William  1757 Ballybeen Prerogative
    William 1819 AB Gortlenaghan Armagh
    William 1831 AB Aney  Armagh
    William 1775 AB  Curr Armagh
    William 1808 W Gorey  Armagh
    William 1816 W Coragh Armagh
    William 1819 W   Armagh
    William 1770 Ballygurk, Derry Armagh
    William 1761  W Ballywillen Connor
    William  1775  W Ballylinney Connor
    William 1682  W Belfast  Connor
    William 1782 W Ballymoney Connor
    William  1783  W Ballyeaston Connor
    William 1815  Antrim  Connor
    William  1857 W Ballymoney Connor
    William 1856 Ballymoney  Connor
    William 1853  Antrim Connor
    William  1842  W Inishannon, Cork Cork & Ross
    William  1800 Ballykeel Down
    William 1800  W Tallyhobert Down
    William 1803 W Newtownards Down
    William 1815 W Saintfield Down
    William 1818  Donaghadee Down
    William 1820 W Drumbo Down
    William 1825 W Bangor Down
    William 1833 W Raffery Down
    William  1844  W   Roddins Down
    William  1727  Lisbane  Down
    William 1714 W Clontinacally Down
    William  1773  W Grey Abbey Down
    William  1766 W Conligg  Down
    William  1730  W Ballybeen Down
    William 1727 W Comber Down
    William 1797  AB Saintfield  Down
    William 1855 AB Roddins Down
    William 1822  AB Tullaloob  Dromore
    William  1785  W Strabane  Derry
    William 1838 Omagh Derry
    William 1790 Gorton, Derry. Derry
    William  1724  W New Buildings Derry
    William 1745 AB Cooladerry Raphoe
    William  1709  AB Taughboyne  Raphoe
ORRE   Alexander 1699 AB Raphoe Raphoe
ORRE   James 1716  W   Down
ORRE   John  1792 W Mulerton  New Mourne

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