The Ulster Scots

Montgomery estate before the Plantation
Allocation of Land in the Plantation 1610
The Plantation - a report by Lord Chichester to the Earl of Salisbury 3 October 1610.
A report by Sir John Davies 8 November 1610. - includes opinion on Brehon Law.  
Scots approved as denizens, 1617.
Presbyterianism in Ulster The early years.
Peaceful coexistence of the Presbyterians shattered
Post Restoration of Charles II (1660)  Another phase of persecution.
And so to America. Early Presbyterians in America
Ulster Scots to America   Migration to America (USA).
Scotland`s mark on America (Extract).
Ulster Scots to Australasia  From Ulster.
 King William III Declaration at Belfast 19 June 1690 requiring good conduct from his forces.
Background to the 1798 Rebellion.
The United Irishmen.
The Volunteers
Constitution of the United Irishmen 1791
The `Test` of the United Irishmen
Wakefield`s Account of the Irish Rebellion.
Rebels in "Speeches from the Dock " by TD,AM and DB Sullivan.

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