Scottish Settlers on the Montgomery Estates ca 1607 granted denization in1617.
Cited in the Montgomery Manuscripts by Rev. Geo Hill (1869) from the Calendar of Patent Rolls, James I

Gilbert Adare of Ardehine Uthred M'Dowgall of Ballimaconnell
Andrew Agnewe of Carnie David M`Illveyne of Ballelogan

Thomas Agnew of Grayabbey

James McMakene of Donaghdie
John Aickin of Donaghdie John Marten of Dunnevilly
Patrick Allan of Ballydonane J ames Maxwell of Gransho
David Anderson of Castlecanvarie  John Maxwell of Ballihalbert

John Barkley of Ballyrolly

Hugh Montgomery of Granshaghe
Robert Boyle of Drumfad John Montgomery of Ballymacrosse

David Boyde of Glasroche

John Montgomery of the Redene
Thomas Boyde of Crownerston Matthew Montgomery of Donoghdie
Nynnan Bracklie,Newton of Donghadie Patrick Montgomerie of Ballycreboy

William Caderwood of Ballyfrenzeis

William Montgomery of Donoghdie
James Cathcart of Ballirogane Robert Montgomery of Donoghdie
Claud.Conyngham of Donoghdie  Hector Moore of Donan
James Cowper of Ballichosta John Moore of Donaghdie
Michael Craig of the Redene Quintene Moore of Aughneill
William Crawford of Cuningburn William Moore of Milntowne
John Cuningham of Rinchrivie William Moore preacher at Newton
David Cunyngham of Drumfad John Mowlen of Crownerston
Hugh Cunyngham of Castlespick Thomas Nevin of Ballicopland
William Cuninghame of Donoghdie John Peacocke of Ballidonan
Charles Domelston of Proveston Andrew Sempill of Ballygrenie
John Fraser of Donaghdie Patrick Shaw of Balliwalter
John Harper of Ballyhay William Shaw of Ballykilconan
John Harperof Donaghdie Alexander Speire of Gray Abbey.
Robert Harper of Provostoun John Thompson of Blackabbey
Thomas Harvie of Newton Robert Wilson of Newtowne
William Hunter of Donan James Williamson of Clay
Thomas Kelso of Ballyhacamore Allen Wilson of Newton
David Kennedy of Gortivillan John Wyly of Ballyhay

Walter Logane of Proveston

William Wymis of Newtowne

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