Distribution of Orr- Around the world in 1998.

Where can we be found ? Based on counts of phone books, Census statistics and lists of registered voters there are about 132,000 Orrs in the world. We already know that the Orrs found the young America in the 1650s and today there are over 90,000 scattered across the country. They also went  to other former British colonies to Canada where there are about 7,000 Orrs and Australia about 7000. New Zealand was a later destination and has about 1,000 Orrs There are also families in South Africa, the island of Malta the West Indies. and scattered round the world. In the homeland of Scotland there are about 10,000 ,England has about 11,000 and Ireland ( Ulster) about 5,000. These numbers are of course, just estimates to give a feel for the spread of our name.

David Everett (1769-1813), the American lawyer and writer penned the well known phrase " Tall oaks from little acorns grow " which aptly describes the world wide spread of our family.

Details of Orr distribution in USA ; Canada ; Australia and New Zealand England ; Ulster ; Scotland; Wales Isle of Man and Channel Islands.

In summary the world population is approximately :


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