Distribution in the United Kingdom

It is not entirely surprising that the Orrs are well distributed throughout the United Kingdom despite having their roots in Ulster and Scotland. Like so many other families in the 18th and 19th centuries they were driven to find work wherever it was to be found. It is significant that the education and work ethic of the Presbyterians guided them towards the professional classes as these emerged through the Industrial Revolution. Thus we see them in especially teaching, medicine, engineering and the law as well as keeping a foot in the farming community. This expansion of interests then drove them to the relevant centres and the larger towns and cities.

The current distribution is taken from a computer analysis of the Electoral Rolls for 1997 and is therefore as accurate a count as can be obtained of the adult (18 and over ) Orrs in the UK. For the purposes of calculating the population including children the base has been taken as 2 adults + 2.7 children. This is necessarily arbitrary but also based on information gathered and consequent `feel` for the average family size.

England by County

Ulster by County

Scotland by County

Wales by County

Isle of Man and Channel Islands

A database for England, Wales and Isle of Man,( from the National Statistics Office  as at 9 Sep 2002) has a total of 54.412,638 entries, and gives the following  hits and ranking: The database is an approximation only and appears to be of voters.

ORR   5652  ranking 1402

ORE  206  ranking 20895

URR  634 ranking 9439#

OAR  Nil

ORRE  Nil.





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