Typed version of the letter from Mary A Allen and the alleged connection via Samuel brother to William Orr of Farranshane 1761 - 1797.


Erie, Whiteside Co, { } Dec 26th 1899

Mr Samuel Redmond Orr

My Dear Sir,

You will pardon my addressing you; my excuse is a letter from your brother Daniel Orr of Ogdenburg, Lawrence Co, NY, who informed me of your personality and place of residence. I am the daughter of John Orr who died at Sidney the County of Hastings, Province of Ontario about AD 1870 whom I can barely remember; he came not far from 1820 and remained until the close of his life; he was the son of Samuel Orr of Belfast, Ireland and nephew of William Orr who was wickedly executed at Carrickfergus on the 14th of October 1797 for an alleged political offence charged as a felony. Your brother kindly furnished information that yourself and he are the sons of Hugh Orr, who was a son of Samuel Orr and nephew of William Orr who was excecuted at Carrickfergus as above stated. His further information is that his father Hugh had a brother John who settled, lived and died on Quente Bay, Hastings Co, Ontario also a brother William who lived at Prescott, Canada. A third brother Joseph who always remained in Ireland, although one sister (whose name he does not give) who always lived in Ireland, but who visited his and your father in AD 1844 and at the same time, or occasion visited "John" (or his family) on Quente Bay; he knows of no other brother or sister of his father than the foregoing. It was current in my family with my mother (who died) when I was fifteen years of age) her brothers and sisters, my grandmother and my older brothers and sisters, that our father (Johns) family ( all sons and daughters of Samuel Orr and nephews and nieces of William Orr above mentioned ) consisted of Hugh, Mary and John (my father) by the first wife of Samuel Orr; and Joseph, James and Margaret by Samuels second marriage which was with a Miss Redmond; that Hugh visited my father once about 1823 or 4 and returnd to Ireland; that James visited him at Sidney, Hastings Co., after the visit of Hugh returned to Ireland and afterwards came back to America and was for a time at Montreal and permanently remained in America. but did not see John after his visit to the latter. That Margaret visited America three times and resided at Johns house twice. I have very vivid recollection of her last visit to us, it was about the year AD 1844 - I sat upon her lap- her tears fell on my face and she plead with my mother to take me with her back to Ireland. I remember this very distinctly, my father was then dead. Mary whom I have always understood was the full sister of my father,John, never visited him though my family heard she once came to America, and the talk in our family was that the half sister Margaret, had more affection for John than his full sister Mary. I was told by my mother that John was fonder of Margaret than Mary, who always understood that Joseph remained in Ireland and never heard that Hugh settled in this country, nor that our father John had a brother William, and I am without any doubt that my father John was visited by a brother, known to my mother and the older children of my father as James. - my mother liked James well and frequently mentioned him as a fine care less boy. Your brothers family history has striking points of resemblance to my knowledge of my own, you will perceive the differences. William Orr certainly can not be duplicated; William Orr was certainly my great uncle, bitterness against the English government in consequence of his execution was rife in our family from my earliest recollection. I venture to hope that you being the senior of your brother Daniel, might aid me with further knowledge that you might have. Last summer for the first time for many years, I visited my birthplace in Hastings Co, Ontario and was told by the widows of my brothers that about six or seven years ago an acquaintance of theirs who had just then returned from Ogdensburg, told them that he had met a gentleman who said he was the son of Hugh Orr and had known the descendants of his uncle John, living round the Bay of Quente, and to say to them that it was not his place to visit them but if they would write to him he would give them " family information " that would be of much interest to them. On my return home I caused correspondence to be had with Ogdensburg and the result is the information which your brother has given me. Would it be asking too much of you to write me what you know of the subject on which I have written ?

Most respectfully yours,

Mary A Allen.

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