Specific comparisons.

Comparisons to date with my own DNA.

The latest table of matches at FTDNA / Y Search.org show

12 markers, Exact                 194 Indicate `long term` ancestry.

12-1 mutation                          12

25-1                                           7

25-2                                         13

37-4                                           2

67-4                                           2

67-7                                           2

The 67-4 comparisons give a probability of a Common Ancestor as

 16 Generations 94.44%;
 20 generations 98.64%;
 24 generations 99.70 %.

The 67-7 comparisons give similar probabilities

16 generations 73.79%;
20 generations 89.74%;
24 generations 96.58%

If, as I believe, my line of the Ulster Orrs originate in the Ards from James Orr of Ballyblack then he is a possible common ancestor at ca 16 generations. Older than that, at 20 or more generations the common ancestor will likely be from the Beith / Lochwinnoch area of western Scotland.

If you are an FTDNA/ Y Search.org user my DNA profile can be seen under reference AQQAG.

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