This is a black and white line drawing of a crest used by William Orr of Coleraine, Co. Londonderry, as a quality seal on fine linen that he produced.
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William Orr Coleraine, crest

Other crests that have been used by Orrs

orrcr4.jpg (12280 bytes)

A Lion passant, proper, resting dexter on a torteau.

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Out of a heart a dexter hand grasping a scimitar. " True to the end"
A variant on this is with a plain sword in the hand.

orrcr6.jpg (15727 bytes)

A Cornucopia, proper.  Bonis Omnia Bona  "To the Good, All is Good."

orrcr7.jpg (16703 bytes)

A Cornucopia. Virtuti  Fortuna  Comes  " Fortune the companion of Virtue.
The crest of Sir Andrew Orr of Harvieston, Clackmannanshire.



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