Irish Flax Growers List, 1796

The 1796 Flax Growers Bounty List is held in the Linen Hall Library, Belfast which gives the names of farmers in all parishes who were awarded spinning wheels and looms for growing areas of flax. Lists are available for all the counties of Ireland except for Dublin and Wicklow, and are arranged in parishes within the county. Unfortunately the townlands are not given.  It is especially useful for Co Donegal as there are some 7000 names (from a total of about 55,000 on the list). Some women feature in entries especially in the province of Munster.

The list is in the Latter Day Saints library. British film area 12, fiche # 6341104.


ID County Surname Given Name

263 Antrim Orr Robert

818 Antrim Orr Thomas

974 Antrim Orr James


1457 Armagh Orr Joseph

2453 Armagh Orr Robert

3817 Armagh Orr William

4169 Armagh Orr James


8333 Donegal Orr William

8334 Donegal Orr James

9985 Donegal Orr William

10155 Donegal Orr Agnis

11643 Donegal Orr Andrew

12194 Donegal Orr Alexander

2489 Donegal Orr Arthur

12768 Donegal Orr Robert

13534 Donegal Orr Andrew

13807 Donegal Orr Robert

13852 Donegal Orr Robert

13873 Donegal Orr David

14210 Donegal Orr Matt

14507 Donegal Orr Mathew

14536 Donegal Orr James

14558 Donegal Orr Robert

14612 Donegal Orr David

14652 Donegal Orr Mathew

14654 Donegal Orr Jane

15014 Donegal Orr Widow


16646 Down Orr Samuel

16684 Down Orr Charles

16720 Down Orr Thomas

16780 Down Orr John

17016 Down Orr John

17017 Down Orr Gowan

17032 Down Orr James

17066 Down Orr John

17960 Down Orr Charles

18236 Down Orr William

18578 Down Orr Matthew

18581 Down Orr John

18637 Down Orr Samuel


18987 Fermanagh Orr John


23457 Londonderry Orr John

24320 Londonderry Orr William

24779 Londonderry Orr John, jun

24798 Londonderry Orr John, sen

25114 Londonderry Orr Elizabeth

25134 Londonderry Orr William

25867 Londonderry Orr Richard

26072 Londonderry Orr Hugh

26196 Londonderry Orr Samuel

26255 Londonderry Orr Joseph

26324 Londonderry Orr Isaac

26448 Londonderry Orr James

26452 Londonderry Orr George


31940 Longford Orr Robert


47773 Sligo Orr Robert


48530 Tyrone Orr Walter

48589 Tyrone Orr Joseph

49060 Tyrone Orr James

49504 Tyrone Orr James

49915 Tyrone Orr William

49916 Tyrone Orr Robert

49937 Tyrone Orr John

49956 Tyrone Orr Patrick

50099 Tyrone Orr George

50126 Tyrone Orr William

50582 Tyrone Orr William

50598 Tyrone Orr David

50635 Tyrone Orr George

50646 Tyrone Orr William

50647 Tyrone Orr David

50740 Tyrone Orr Samuel

50762 Tyrone Orr Alexander

50868 Tyrone Orr Allen

50927 Tyrone Orr Hnery

52720 Tyrone Orr William

52787 Tyrone Orr Patrick

52944 Tyrone Orr James

53644 Tyrone Orr Samuel

54335 Tyrone Orr William


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