A book about the Orr Family and my researches over the past forty years .

This is the product of over forty years interest in the origins of the Orr family. Research of an old family story - a relationship to William Orr, an Irish Patriot executed in 1798, led to research of the origin of the Orr families in Ulster, and the early Scottish settlers on the Montgomery estates, Co Down, in 1606. These people mainly came from the west of Scotland Ayrshire, Renfrewshire, where there have been Orrs since about AD1300. Subsequent research suggests that the family originated from the ancient Parish of Urr in the ancient Stewartry of Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland.

   Mainly of the Presbyterian denomination the Orrs in Scotland and settlers in Ulster were subject of religious discrimination and were among the tens of thousands of Ulster Scots (the Scotch-Irish) who migrated to the far corners of the British Empire in the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Nearly 100,000 Orr descendants are today spread across the Unites States of America, with thousands more in Australia, Canada, Malta, New Zealand; South Africa, South America, and the West Indies. As well as researching the origins and distribution of the family name, a detailed examination was made of the `Orrs at War` where many hundreds lie in foreign fields, having died in the service of their country. That the Orrs were achievers, is illustrated in factual stories of inventors, patriots, and founders of former frontier towns and cities that bear the Orr name. Included are a selection of some old Orr families with indexed ancestor and descendant reports, and a selection of  Orrs with a `claim to fame`. The 16 appendices include details of Orrs buried in Greyfriars Kirk (Edinburgh) in the seventeenth century; Orr marriages about the time of the Montgomery settlement; Pallots English marriages, and. the 1881 Census, of England, Scotland and Wales. Orders from www.heritagebooks.com but it may now be out of print (first published 2006).

"ORR-SOME"  Research into the Family of Orr, is available from Heritage Books Inc, 65 E Main St, Westminster, 21157, Maryland, or from any branch of Willow Bend Books and Amazon. $37.00 US.
ISBN 0-7884-4266-X .

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