Register & Records of Holm Cultram Abbey ( Cistersian monks in Cumbria )

Francis Grainger & W.G. Collingwood (editors)

152. (C. p. 121; D. art. 82).—Thomas f. Andrew de Kyrconeuel, at the request of Robert [de Keldsik], abbot of Holmcoltran [before 1288–1318], and the convent, and for the souls of his father, whose body is buried at that abbey, of his mother and his kin, quitclaims to Michael f. Durand one mark in silver yearly, owed by him for Mayby and Achencork, which the abbot, etc. hold from Michael, granted by Durand f. Cristin, father of Michael. This tenement Michael held as mesne (medium) between the abbot and Thomas by service of that annual mark, on which Thomas has no further claim. Witnesses—Master Adam de Crokedayk, Adam de Thoresby, William de Hosmunderlay, Hugh de Hurr, Thomas de Arbygland, etc. [c. 1288.]

153. (C. p. 122; D. art. 82).—Michael f. Durand quitclaims to Holmcoltran one mark of silver annual rent, as well as other payments which the monks have been used to make to him or his predecessors for Mayby and Achencork. Witnesses—Sir David de Tortherald, Sir John de Geveliston, Sir Duncan f. Can, knights; Sir Peter, the chamberlain of the lady de Balliol; Sir Robert Acarsan, Sir John de Sothayk, parsons; Master Adam de Crokedayk, Adam de Thoresby, William de Hosmunderley, Thomas de Arbygland, Patrick McGilboytin and Thomas his son, Hugh de Hurr, John de Tesdal, Walter f. Walter de Tuynham, etc. [Sir Robert Acarsan or de Carsan, clericus, witnessed a charter attributed (Edgar, Dumfries, 198) to 1276. Sir David de Torthorald dates c. 1278.]

 269. (C. p. 244).—Pope Alexander [III] to Everard, abbot of the monastery of St. Mary of Holm. He refers to the rules of St. Benedict and of the Cistercians and names the Old Grange and the granges de Ternis, de Mayburg, de Skyneburg, de Raby, and all the Holm as it was when forest in the time of King Henry [I] and Radulph, earl of Chester [i.e. Ranulph Meschines, earl 1120]. Outside the Holm he names the Galloway grange of Cherchewinni from the port of Hurr [mouth of the Urr] to Pollesteresheved [no. 120], and the saltwork granted by Huctred f. Fergus, the grange of Millebronna, granted by Gilbert; the land of Kelton, by Cospatric f. Orm; and in Ireland, whatever Earl Rycard and Hugh de Lacie have given. He recites the duties and privileges of the Cistercians. Dated (in H. 1), vi Id. Dec. in his 17th year [1175]. [No charter of Hugh de Lacie exists in these collections. 'The grange of Millebronne granted by Gilbert' before 1175 is also unrecorded; Milburn Grange near Kirkbythore belonged to Shap after 1212, but we have no charter from a Gilbert which might refer to it unless the undated no. 186, of the neighbouring grange of Hale, means a grant of this land, afterwards resigned by the abbey, as Conheath and Carlaverock (no. 133a.) appear to have been resigned.]


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