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Bobby  Orr - Canadian Ice Hockey player.

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Wesley Fletcher Orr, 1831-1898. Mayor of Calgary.

Wesley Fletcher Orr was born in Lachute, Quebec and married Priscilla Miller in 1861. They had three children, Addie (Wood), Maggie (Beattie) and Albert Lorne Clark.  Wesley invested in Calgary property in 1883, and was assistant editor of the Calgary Herald in 1888, but left in 1889 to spend more time with his property interests and the development of Calgary. He was a very  active politician and was first elected as alderman in 1888. He served no less than five terms and as Chairman of Public Works he oversaw the development of Calgary's water, sewer and electric lighting systems.  He was elected mayor in 1894, shortly after Calgary was incorporated as a city, and further terms in 1895 and 1897.  He was an assiduous promoter of agricultural and industrial development of the Calgary area, including railways and coal mining.   

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