There is much mystique accorded to the subject of tartans although they are a relatively late garment that has been considerably hyped by interested parties since Victorian times. The official base line for which tartan belongs to which clan was only approved by The Highland Society in 1816. Most Scotsmen merely wore a plaid and did not have the colourings or `sett` for the purpose of identification in battle. If anything the colour of their bonnet or cockade or ribbon  in the bonnet served that purpose. However, it is not my purpose to debate the issue only to provide information about the tartan that might be worn by an Orr.

As has been previously mentioned, the Orrs are an acknowledged sept of Clan Campbell and would be entitled to wear the standard tartan of the clan. There are four tartan setts in existence for Clan Campbell approved by MacCailein Moir :

Campbell (sometimes called the darker version, or Argyll ); Campbell of Cawdor; Campbell of Breadalbane; and Campbell of Loudon. Generally the Campbell or Argyll tartan is worn; the other Houses being applicable only when there is clear descent and with the permission of MacCailein Moir.

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