Orrs who gave their lives  in World War I and their Regiments

Irish Regiments.

They served with the Royal Irish Rifles, the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers , the Royal Ulster Rifles, and The Irish Guards. It is noteworthy that a number of those killed were amongst the first to join up as gauged by their low serial number - such as

Rifleman John Orr, Ser. No 358 11th Bn Royal Irish Rifles

Sergeant William Orr, Ser No. 432 10 Bn Royal Irish Rifles

Rifleman Nicholas Orr, Ser. No. 741, 15th Bn Royal Irish Rifles

Rifleman John Orr, Ser. No. 774, 12 Bn Royal Irish Rifles.

Sergeant James Orr, Ser. No 3777, 1st Bn Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Rifleman William James Orr, Ser. No 4735, 2nd Bn Royal Irish Rifles.

Rifleman R. Orr, Ser. No 5380, 6th Bn Royal Irish Rifles.

Rifleman Hamilton Orr, Ser. No 6795, 1st Bn Royal Irish Rifles.
[ see Claims to Fame ]

Rifleman F Orr, Serial No. 8298 1st Bn Royal Irish Rifles.

The number killed in action, by Regiment, were :

Royal Irish Rifles.

1 Bn 2nd Bn 3rd Bn 6th Bn 10th Bn 11th Bn 12 Bn 13th Bn 15th Bn

4         2           1           1            1         2          1            2             1

Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

1st Bn 9th Bn 10th Bn 11th Bn 70th Bn

2            5           2           2            1

Royal Ulster Rifles                      Irish Guards

1st Bn 2nd Bn                           2nd Bn.

1              3                                   1

The principal Scottish regiments in which Orrs served were:

Royal Scottish Fusiliers 21

Highland Light Infantry 17

Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 13

Seaforth Highlanders 12

Black Watch 11

Gordon Highlanders 7

Scots Guards 6

Cameronians 5

Queens Own Cameron Highlanders 5

Kings Own Scottish Borderers 3

The (nominal) English regiments in which they served were:

Royal Artillery 21

Royal Engineers 8

Dragoons / Royal Armoured Corp 5

Kings Regiment (Liverpool ) 5

Northumberland Fusiliers 5

Royal Army Service Corps 5

Pioneer Corps 3

Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regiment 3

Royal Fusiliers 3

East Lancashire Regiment 2

Durham Light Infantry 2

Royal Army Medical Corps 2

Cheshire Regiment 2

Royal Marine Light Infantry 2

Machine Gun Corps 2

Hampshire Regiment 2

The Fliers were:


Royal Flying Corps 1

Army Air Corps 1

Royal Australian Air Force 4

Royal Canadian Air Force 8

Royal New Zealand Air Force 2

The Sailors were :

Merchant Navy 6

RN / RNVR 21

Royal Australian Navy 1

Other Commonwealth Forces in which they served were:

Australian Infantry 23

Australian Artillery 3

Australian Pioneers 1

Australian Army Medical Corps 1

Australian Army Service Corps 1

Canadian Infantry 23

Canadian Artillery 4

Canadian Army Medical Corps 2

Canadian Pioneers 1

Canadian Engineers 1

Black Watch of Canada 1

Cameron Highlanders of Canada 2

South African Infantry 2

South African Engineers 1

Pretoria Regiment 1

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